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Enock Godi



We are led by the vision and drive of a man who has looked back to his own past and vowed to dedicate his remaining years on earth towards giving young people hope by eliminating the barriers that impedes the growth and development of young people.  



Cedric Dzelu 

Appointed to provide the necessary leadership for the Hope Performance Tennis Foundation is a man whose twin love for tennis and helping those in need is unparalleled, notwithstanding the fact that Cedric Dzelu could not achieve his ambitions as a rising tennis player due to financial and environmental challenges, he undoubtedly see tennis as a tool for development that can change the lives of many especially lifting many out of poverty.    

With over 11+ years of experience his expertise meets perfectly at the intersection of communication, marketing, finance, poetry, writing, community service and volunteering. He has distinguishably participated in many historical conferences around the world, taking up great responsibilities ranging from conference speaker, Lead facilitator, writing conference report and poetic performances in countries such as Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Senegal, Ivory Coast and Ghana. 

Cedric Dzelu is a Change Agent


Chief Financial Officer 

Whitney Godi

Whitney has over ten years experience working in the accounting field. She now serves as controller of Stone Showcase Inc. where she helps lead the multi-million dollar company expand their business worldwide. Whitney has worked with a number of start-up companies and non-profits helping their vision go from paper to reality. She helps those group with their strategy,organization, and mobilization to achieve their goals. 



Giovanni Adinyira

Giovanni is a tennis enthusiast earning the name 30 love but most importantly his passion is for the development of junior tennis players



Jacob Lomotey

With over 10 years experience with the YMCA as a volunteer, Alinko has enormous experience in graphic designing especially for NGO related engagement 

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