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Congratulations to the Golden Rackets - Ghana's National Male Tennis Team

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

We are excited to share the remarkable achievement of the Ghana National Male Tennis Team, the Golden Rackets, for their outstanding performance in the African Zone three qualifiers!

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the incredible players - Henman Abban, Abraham Asaba, Isaac Nortey, Samuel Antwi, Desmond Asaba - and their dedicated captain, Federic, thanks also goes to Bernard Bortey @Beniigh who volunteered as a photographer for the team for their unwavering commitment, sacrifice, and exceptional teamwork. Your hard work and determination have truly shone through, and you've made the entire nation proud.

A special salute goes to the team coordinator, Nana Sarkodie, whose leadership and strategic guidance have been instrumental in shaping this triumphant journey. Your efforts have undoubtedly contributed to this remarkable success.

We also want to acknowledge the visionary leadership of Mr. Isaac Abe Duah, President of the Ghana Tennis Federation, and his esteemed board members. Your relentless dedication and tireless efforts have laid the foundation for this incredible achievement and your vision to propel tennis to the forefront as the number two sport in Ghana.

As we celebrate this victory, we call upon individuals, tennis foundations, corporate entities across Ghana, and the Government to unite in support of Ghana Tennis. Let us rally behind our talented athletes and provide them with the resources they need to excel on the international stage.

In the words of Enock Godi, the Founder and President of Hope Performance Tennis,'' let us ensure that the flame of victory continues to burn bright. Let's devote ourselves to preparing the next generation, equipping them to inherit this legacy and carry the torch forward and the Hope Performance Tennis will continue to contribute to make this possible through our programs in empowering young people for the task ahead''.

Together, we can elevate the profile of tennis in Ghana and nurture a new generation of champions who will inspire us all.

Cedric Dzelu

Executive Director

Hope Performance Tennis

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