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2021 Hope Report, sports in a pandemic era, resilience and inclusivity

Dear tennis lovers home and abroad,

Few months ago the Hope Performance Tennis. Inc came to you for a range of support to host our 2021 Regional Tennis Clinic and distribution of tennis equipment. I am beyond excited to bring to your attention that it was a huge success which has now been captured in our 2021 report.

We have themed the report, “Sports in a pandemic era, resilience and inclusivity”, to give credence to how our organization has blazed the trail to bring to young people in five different locations in four regions our mandate of Hope and Empowerment through tennis giving oxygen to the fact that sports can emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever.

Please find the link to the report below and I wish you an interesting read of our work, I will be happy to hear your feedback.

Cedric Dzelu

Executive Director

Hope Performance Tennis Inc

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