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The Winneba Sports College Tennis Center was once upon a time a hub for raising champions, a citadel of sporting excellence constantly producing players for all level of the national team, it was the go to place, this was the place where the professional career of Enock Godi started, unfortunately the once a center of excellence now lies in ruins; tennis courts covered with weeds, kids do not get access to tennis equipment amidst other reoccurring challenges.

As an Alumni of the once prestigious Winneba Sport College Tennis Center, Enock Godi is now the Founder and President of The Hope performance Tennis Inc. a foundation committed to empowering young people in Ghana using the game of tennis as a tool for development in a manner that provide for the youth, a platform on which they would be able to combine both the game of tennis and academic excellence for their own development that guarantees them a better future.

As part of the working visit of Enock Godi to inspire the kinds of the college, Enock donated some tennis items to the kids and promise to mobilize the appropriate support to revive the center in order to ensure that kids do not miss out of the opportunity that made him rise to the occasion to becoming a national player and a better person through tennis.

In the words of Godi “It brings me so much pain to see my beloved tennis center in such a state of hopelessness, I can imagine how hundreds of kids are missing out every year because the center is no longer in the state to support their dreams but I am committed to mobilizing resources and efforts to revive this sacred place”.

In attendance to receive the Founder and President of the Hope Performance Tennis Inc were Mr. Eric Nkansah Gyamenah and Mr. Collins Aduffu the Director and Accountant of the Winneba Sports College respectively, Mr. Nkansah expressed great joy to have an alumni of the college coming back home to inspire the kids and to also concern himself with the development of the center, he assured Enock of the required support towards reviving the college.

Cedric Dzelu

Executive Director

Hope Performance Tennis Inc.

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