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Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Sports finds itself at a time of great difficulty imposed as a result of the pandemic, it was the closure of stadiums, courts and gyms leading to a significant reduction in sports funding and absolute prevention of public play of all kinds but we are consoled that many countries, organizations and individuals have been resilient and found a way to return to play once again.

The return to play has come with great innovations, strategy and the development of tools that are going to make sports safer and more exciting than ever before. It is for this reason that the Hope Performance Tennis Inc congratulate the work of the Aspen Institute and hereby endorse the Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports that “all children have the right to play sports in a safe environment led by qualified program leaders through appropriate developmental play and to also share in the planning and delivery of sports activities, that children are to be exposed to an equal opportunity for personal growth and to be treated with dignity whilst enjoying sports”.

The Hope Performance Inc a not for profit 501 C 3 foundation working to empower young people through the game of tennis by organizing tennis programs and distribution of tennis equipment is welcoming the work of the Aspen Institute and the working group of human rights and sports policy experts that developed the Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports. This is undoubtedly a great resource that is going to be used by our foundation to the fullest.

We call on National Sports Organizations, community and school sports programs to review their policies to reflect the aspirations of the Bill, we charge grantmakers and sponsors of sports organizations to demonstrate strict adherence to the rights, invite parents and caregivers to require sports providers to design their policies and ensure their practices meet the requirement of these rights, we call on adult athletes to be champions of these rights and encourage young people to know these rights and to contribute to its implementation.

The rights of a child are well espoused in the Universal Declaration of Human rights which needs to be respected and enforced, it is, however, refreshing that this Bill speaks deeply to promoting children’s rights whilst they are at play and we believe that this is a great tool in addressing a wide range of issues such as access to play, gender equity, fair opportunity, inclusivity, trust and happiness.

This tool is a guarantee that all young people can have an opportunity to develop through sports when delivered appropriately especially to meet the tenets of the Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports.

Cedric Dzelu

Executive Director

Hope Performance Tennis Inc


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