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We are thrilled to have come to the end of the year 2018 and we would like to ride on the tide of the Christmas festivity to thank you for ensuring that our existence is truly relevant to the many young people out there who needs hope to break barriers.

We thank you deeply for your donations and expert advice towards the success of our maiden Hope Performance Tennis Clinic and Club Tournament which was undoubtedly a huge success.

Christmas is a great celebration all over the world and we invite you to share this moment with your love ones and extend it to those who needs hope and may you be the advent of a new birth of joy and happiness in their lives especially for those who needs it the most.

Thank you for your trust over the last few months and we encourage you to stay in touch as we gladly invite you to join us in 2019 in our bid to deliver on more exciting and inspiring programs in our bid to empowering the next generation through the game of Tennis.

Merry Christmas and A Prosperous Happy New Year to you all.

Yours in Sports

Cedric Dzelu

Executive Director

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